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According to the American Optometric Association, 175 million people use a computer every day, including 61 million children. While computers enable us to be more efficient and more productive, this can come at a price. Digital Eyestrain is a condition which can occur in individuals viewing an electronic screen as little as two hours per day.

Symptoms of Digital Eyestrain include: Eyestrain, headaches, slow focusing near and far, tired eyes, burning eyes, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain. These symptoms can be alleviated and even avoided if proper eyeglasses are prescribed.

Prio TestersDr. Fry uses the PRIO vision tester to most accurately prescribe glasses to be worn while viewing a computer screen. Computer glasses are necessary regardless if you need vision correction for distance or not. Computer glasses can also be worn with contact lenses in place. The prescription needed for computer use can vary significantly from the prescription needed for distant vision.

There are two basic types of computer lenses available. Single vision lenses are usually chosen for individuals under the age of 40. If one is over the age of 40, presbyopia is usually a factor and near-variable focus lenses may be a better choice. Near-variable focus lenses vary in focus from about 8 to 10 feet up to 16 inches for reading.  With the use of multiple screens at varying distances, we will discuss your particular work environment and recommend the best solution for your individual needs.

All computer lenses should be reflection-free. Anti-reflective treatment is added to the lenses to allow 99.5% of light to be transmitted through the lenses. More transmittance of light equals clearer, more comfortable vision.

We recommend if you view a digital screen 2 or more consecutive hours per day to be tested with the PRIO vision tester. The proper prescription will be put into your choice of frame and should be worn while using your computer. This will greatly reduce the need for your eyes to focus the light pixels of your computer monitor.

Due to the soft edge of light pixels, these images are very difficult for our eyes to maintain proper focus. The eyes constantly have to refocus the computer screen which leads to eyestrain.

Information about blue light and the damaging effect it is having on our eyes have become a popular topic in eye health care.  Due to what we know about blue light and the relationship with electronic devices, Dr. Fry recommends that anyone viewing an electronic device should protect themselves from this damaging light.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to filter this light through lenses that are designed for this purpose.  Dr. Fry and his staff will be happy to discuss this topic with you during your eye exam.  Certain nutrients also play a crucial role in helping our bodies counteract the damage from blue light.  These nutrients have been prescribed for years for helping treat macular diseases, but we are now recommending these nutrients for prophylactic purposes as well.

If you would like more information on Digital Eyestrain, please call our office.


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